Children Come First

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, it is important to understand that the law puts the needs of the children first. Every decision made needs to be filtered through one question: Is this in the best interest of the child? Of course, each parent will likely have different ideas about what is in the child’s best interest, which is why it is important to have a trusted attorney on your side to make certain your voice is heard and the right decisions are made.

At Broussard & Ruhlman, P.C., we understand family law, and we can help you understand it too. We will take the time to educate you about how the law applies to your child custody case. We will inform you of your options. We will get to know your needs and the needs of your child so we can guide you in the direction that is right for both of you.

We handle child custody disputes as part of divorce cases. We also handle child custody matters for unmarried parents, including those that stem from paternity actions. If you are involved in a conflict regarding child custody arrangements that have already been established, or you need assistance with modification, our law firm can help.


Children Need Both Parents

The reality is that children need both parents. After a divorce, the child’s relationship with each parent should be as similar as possible to the predivorce relationship. In most cases, that means parenting time and responsibilities are going to be shared between both parents.

As your advocates, we will protect your relationship with your child. We frequently resolve child custody disputes through amicable means such as negotiation or mediation. This is a good way to encourage and even strengthen communication between both parents, as you will have to work together to raise your child, even though you have separated. In some cases, trial may be appropriate, and we are prepared to take that step if needed.

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