Was Your Loved One Hurt In A Nursing Home?

If an elderly family member was injured in a nursing home, you have the right to ask why. Injuries do not just happen. If you cannot get a straight answer from the nursing home or you have reason to believe that the nursing home acted negligently or abusively, you should enlist a skilled attorney who can get answers and hold the nursing home accountable.

At Broussard & Ruhlman, P.C., we protect the rights of injured nursing home residents. We pursue personal injury claims in these cases not only to get compensation for the victim, but to get justice and prevent future victimization as well


Do Not Accept Excuses From The Nursing Home Staff

Nursing homes are paid well to provide care and comfort to residents. They are paid to monitor residents and take steps to prevent harm. If a resident was hurt, there is a possibility that nursing home staff was not doing what it was paid to do.

Have you noticed bruises on your loved one? Did your loved one break a bone? Have bed sores developed? These all may be signs of neglect. Bedsores often develop because a resident is not moved from a bed or wheelchair on a regular basis and is just left in the same spot day after day. Broken bones may be the result of falls in the bathroom or elsewhere that could have been prevented has the resident been properly monitored. Bruises may be a sign of abuse. Abuse can include staff grabbing, pushing or mishandling a resident.

Perhaps your loved one has lost a great a deal weight. Malnutrition and dehydration may be the result of nursing home neglect. Perhaps you loved one has become sick. This could have been the result of medication errors or failure to provide medication. Perhaps your loved one has become withdrawn due to emotional or verbal abuse from the nursing home staff. What the case may be, we will find out and take the appropriate action.

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